Taylor Hutchison. Image courtesy of the ISA
Taylor Hutchison. Image courtesy of the ISA

The New Zealand Team have finished fourteenth at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games completed at Biarritz, France overnight after our final athlete was eliminated from the event and the team were eliminated from the Aloha Cup in the semifinals.

Taylor Hutchison. Image courtesy of the ISA
Taylor Hutchison. Image courtesy of the ISA

Hosts France went on to win the overall event by an unprecedented points margin and also won the Aloha Cup.  Mexican Jhony Corzo won the Open Men’s Division held in small 1.0m waves.

Taylor Hutchison (Rag) went into the final two days of the event building momentum.  He advanced out of the third round and into some tough competition including hometown hero and World Tour surfer Joan Duru.

Hutchison fell short in his fourth round matchup unable to find the quality waves he needed to produce big scores.

“Joan Duru would be the best surfer I’ve surfed against to date and I was really excited to surf against him.”

“In that final heat, I knew I had a couple of tough competitors but it didn’t really phase me as I knew if I got the good ones I could make it through” said a philosophical Hutchison.

“In the end I just couldn’t find any good ones at all and hunted up and down the bank with no success and that sometimes happens” added Hutchison.

It was a big improvement on his early exit from the event in 2016 and the young 20-year-old surfer will build toward more international competition.

“Overall I made it further through the contest than I thought I would which gives me confidence in the future so I’m happy with my overall result. I felt I definitely had better surfing to offer if I was to catch the right waves but that’s part of competing” commented Hutchison of his performance.

On the final day of the event New Zealand contested the Aloha Cup which is a tag team event held amongst the top eight nations.  New Zealand was eliminated in the semifinals placing fourth in their heat behind France, Peru and Costa Rica.

The World Surfing Games were held at Biarritz in the south of France from the 20th – 28th May.  A record 47 nations participated at the event as the sport prepares for Tokyo 2020 and the Olympics for the first time.

Please see below for full and final results from day eight of the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games held at Biarritz, France overnight (Sunday 28th May).

Open Men’s Division Round 3
Heat 14

Imanol Yeregui, ESP, 10.60, 1, Taylor Hutchison, NZL, 10.00, 2, Leonardo Calvo, CRC, 8.80, 3, Thierno Sambe, SEN, 3.53, 4

Open Men’s Division Round 4
Heat 7

Joan Duru, FRA, 13.93, 1, Jordy Collins, USA, 11.24, 2, Jonas Bachan, AUT, 9.26, 3, Taylor Hutchison, NZL, 5.83, 4

Aloha Cup Semifinals
Heat 1

France, 37.3, 1, Peru, 34.7, 2, Costa Rica, 32.6, 3, New Zealand, 25.42, 4
Heat 2
Portugal, 49.77, 1, USA, 36.05, 2, Argentina, 35.33, 3, Japan, 31.98, 4

Aloha Cup Final
France, 54.96, 1, Portugal, 47.53, 2, Peru, 35.38, 3, USA, 33.07, 4

Open Men’s Division Final Placings
Jhony Corzo, MEX, 14.5, 1
Joan Duru, FRA, 13.9, 2
Pedro Henrique, POR, 12.47, 3
Jonathan González, ESP, 11.74, 4
Taylor Hutchison, NZL, 25th
Paul Moretti, NZL, 65th
Zen Wallis, NZL, 97th
JC Susan, NZL, 97th

Open Women’s Division Final Placings
Pauline Ado, FRA, 12.17, 1
Johanne Defay, FRA, 10.43, 2
Leilani McGonagle, CRC, 8.4, 3
Bianca Buitendag, RSA, 7.47, 4
Ella Williams, NZL, 7th
Raiha Ensor, NZL, 9th

Overall Team Points
1. France, 4275
2. Portugal, 2850
3. Spain, 2560
4. Mexico, 2455
5. Japan, 2395
6. Peru, 2193
7. USA, 2158
8. Brazil, 2120
9. Costa Rica, 2113
10. South Africa, 1965
11. Tahiti, 1960
12. Australia, 1880
13. England, 1833
14. New Zealand, 1781
15. Morocco, 1731